fox - Erfullte Traume

fucking free and fox - The Stacy Doll. Showing the castings for the popular website Euronudes. Fresh new girls and their natural attitude towards the camera. Many girls in their first time ever nude in front of a camera. No posing - just the plain, naked truth right out of the casting studio...

What does a beautiful blonde-haired, blue eyed Headmistress do when she catches 2 disobedient schoolgirls sneaking around behind her back doing things they've been instructed not to do? Just because this Headmistress is beautiful doesn't mean she can't enforce strict discipline. A limber birch cane across the open palms of their hands will not hurt them nearly as much as the bare handed spanking and paddle will. Fortunately for one of the girls, one humiliating lesson is quite enough. When the headmistress catches the other girl eating chocolates and drinking alcohol she is infuriates and makes this disobedient strip, then spanks her soundly until she's throbbing and humiliated.

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